.2021: Projects.


The Berlin Wall Exhibit (COOR Hall, 4th Floor)

In Spring 2021, SHPRS acquired a large, original piece of the Berlin Wall as a long-term loan from the German Honorary Consul Carolin Gey and the German cultural center and restaurant Treffpunkt. Students will contextualize the piece with a small exhibit on the history of the Berlin Wall, the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 and the reunification of Germany in 1990.


The piece of the Berlin Wall by itself is neither self-explanatory, nor immediately usable as a teaching tool. The planned exhibition in the area above the piece of the Berlin Wall – either as a fixed poster exhibition or a multi-media projection – will contextualize this original artifact of the past. In particular, we hope to show images of the building of the Berlin Wall and

explain its purpose to prevent East Germans from fleeing from “real existing socialism”. The exhibition will also show the mass demonstrations in East Germany in the context of Eastern European protest movements that brought down dictatorships across Europe and with them the Berlin Wall. Lastly, the exhibition will discuss the process of transformation in East Germany after unification and the slow growing together of the formerly divided nation.


The exhibition will be a teaching tool both for the students involved in its creation as well as those visiting our school. What is more, it will showcase to our visitors the wonderful work out students are doing.

Photo Credit | Above: Becky Tsang